Liked on YouTube: TOP 10: SCARIEST WORK SAFETY COMMERCIALS (PSAs) Put on your hard hats, step away from those blistering hot deep fat fryers (unlike the unfortunate soul in the thumbnail) and strap yourself in tightly for the TOP 10 SCARIEST WORK SAFETY COMMERCIALS. Or public service announcements. Whatever you wish to call them. Made this one just for you guys, because why the hell not, eh? Work safety commercials are like mini horror films. They have the gore, they have the nightmare fuel... and they certainly pull no punches to scaring the bejeebers out of you. 100% NIGHTMARE FUEL GUARANTEED: OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Regardless, let me know how you got on, I hope I didn't scar you for life so much that you're now bubble-wrapping your entire house as we speak and becoming a hermit. I wouldn't blame you, I can't look at deep fat fryers (or even kitchens) in the same way again. If the thumbnail didn't warn you enough, this video contains extremely graphic and distressing content, so viewer discretion is advised! GRAB A SLICE ► Check out my COMMENTARY/REVIEW of this countdown here: As seen on TV Tropes: LINKS: ► WEBSITE: ► FACEBOOK: ► Watch this countdown on Vimeo (no ads!): ► Check out my nicely assorted playlists: Intro/Outro song:


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